FTX Referral Code

FTX Referral Code

Use FTX referral code ftx50foundation to get 5% off trading fees, lifetime.

​​To get the discount simply use the code below:


Every month we will donate a minimum of 50$ fees received through your referral to the FTXfoundation🙏🙏🙏

You can open a new FTX account by using this link already including the FTX referral code: https://ftx.com/#a=ftx50foundation

After you click on the FTX referral code link you will see your discount confirmed, as per image below:

FTX referral code

This FTX referral code doesn’t expire. The offer is only valid for new accounts. If you opened an account already and forgot to use a referral code, or if you want to use a referral code that donates to the FTX Foundation, consider opening a new account. You can convert your funds to USDT and move them to your new account at 0 cost.

FTX Foundation

Every month a minimum of 50$ in fees will be devolved to the FTX foundation. In addition, FTX will match donations on a 1:1 basis up to $10.000/day – that’s a minimum donation of 100$ every month!

We made it into the top 100 donors and our name is on the FTX website! 😎

Don’t take our word for it, check us in the public leaderboard yourself:

The FTX Foundation is on track to donate 20M$ in 2022, as FTX gives part of its fees to the world’s most effective charities. They cherry-pick their charities, they don’t donate randomly. At FTX, a strong community of users backs generously the selected charities – lovely!

FTX History

FTX is one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchanges, one ‘built by traders, for traders’ as they say. This motto summarizes FTX founder approach to offer a trader-friendly, fair experience to all its users. FTX wants to be robust enough for professional trading firms and intuitive enough for first-time users. So far they have delivered on all their promises.

FTX was founded in 2017 by crypto billionaire Sam-Bankman Fried. There’s no shortage of media coverage on Sam Bankman-Fried and his image has reached cult status in the crypto space.

Sam is known to be the “Bentham of Crypto” and has based his work philosophy on concepts of utilitarianism and altruism pioneered by Jeremy Bentham. Sam is not just aiming to be the richest crypto billionaire. He also wants to have the biggest possible positive impact on the world. This page wants to give you an FTX referral code but also explain why FTX is good.

Get paid to trade

FTX offers discounts for users with high trading volumes. Alternatively, a much easier way to get additional discounts is by staking FTT, the native token of FTT exchange. You can literally get a 100% discount on fees or even get paid on Maker fees if you hold 150 or more FTT tokens. This is on top of the benefits you can get with the FTX referral code on this site.

By staking FTT you get these benefits:

  • Additional discounts on FTX fees, depending on the value of FTT holdings:

  • Maker fee Rebate: If you place Maker (limit) orders and stake enough FTT tokens then you get 0 Maker fees with just 25 FTT and you start earning rebates if you stake 150 FTT or more
  • More airdrop rewards: FTT stakers will receive additional SRM token airdrops
  • Zero blockchain fees: stakers get free ERC20 (ETH) withdrawals every day

FTX reliability

FTX should be chosen not only for the low fees you can get with this referral code but also by holding FTX tokens.

Sometimes during high volatility, you can see bad spikes on markets caused by large liquidations. FTX has one of the best liquidation engines out there, you can avoid bad surprises by simply choosing them as your trading partner.

The one below is from the crypto bloodbath of 19/05/2021. Bitcoin dipped and rebounded by 30% in a matter of minutes. You could have made 30% profits if you bought the dip below 30.000$ – if only you could access your account on the right exchange…

This website is not just giving you an FTX referral code. It’s saving you from nightmare experiences and missed opportunities elsewhere and pointing you to the best quality exchange out there.

FTX is much better on many many things, but guess what if your exchange is down there is really nothing to compare – you lost the boat. Use this FTX referral code and thank me later!


Another cool feature on FTX are IEOs, Initial Exchange Offerings. IEOs can be accessed through the FTX platform itself. Grabbing up new coins through an IEO can be a great investment when you expect the demand to outstrip the supply (which has been the case in 2021 and 2022).

The steps to take part in an IEO are usually straightforward, let’s take Mercurial Finance IEO as example:

  1. Create an FTX account, then complete KYC level 2

2) Create the IEO sub-account from the one-click button provided on FTX website. for example an account named “TOKENNAME-IEO” will show up in your sub account list.

3) Fund the sub account with the required amount of USD or USDT and FTT tokens if needed

4) Place your bid when the IEO opens

5) Wait the results of the IEO

6) If you win the auction or raffle then you will be able to trade your tokens directly on FTX

FTX Prediction Markets

An FTX referral code also gives access to unique opportunities offered by prediction markets. FTX prediction markets allow you to bet on the occurrence of certain events. Here are some past and current examples on how to invest in different prediction markets:

OLY2021: this contract expires at $1 if the Olympics takes place in 2021, and $0 otherwise

BOLSONARO2022: this contract expires at $1 if Jair Bolsonaro wins the 2022 Brazilian presidential election and $0 otherwise

TRUMP2024:  this contract expires at $1 if Donald Trump wins the 2024 US presidential general election and $0 otherwise

If you have found this information useful I hope that you using the FTX referral code at the top of this page is a likely event to occur? 😉

FTX FIAT Funding

In May 2021 FTX has partnered with Circle to make funding the account with Wire transfers, cards and ACH even simpler. USDC stablecoin funding has been also implemented. Card-based account funding is now available for customers in nearly 200 countries worldwide, you can see the list of supported countries by clicking on this link.

USDC, Circle stablecoin, has seen a market cap growth of over 700% in 2021. Circle infrastructure is now behind payment solutions for both FTX and Blockfolio customers (Blockfolio is owned by FTX). We are happy to provide you with your FTX referral code and keep you up to date with the latest news about FTX!

Here you can see the full announcement from Circle.

I hope you enjoyed the content of this guide and the benefits of using our FTX referral code.

Click on the button below to claim your 5% discount now.

Learn cash and carry on FTX

A great website to learn how to do a cash and carry trade on FTX is http://www.ftxcashandcarry.com – enjoy!